Freelance Writing Fee Schedule

Article Writing…  $100 per page*

Business Plans…  $50 per page*

Grant Writing…  $50 per page*

Legal Writing…  Schedule upon request

Newsletter Content…  $75 per page*

Op-Eds…  $125 per single-spaced page*

Press Releases…  $125 per single-spaced page*

Professional Biography…  $100 per page*

Proposals…  $75 per page*

Resume or CV…  $100 per page

Script Writing…  $75 per page

Speech Writing…  $100 per page*

Tri-fold Sales Brochure…  $175 complete

Website Copy…  $50 per page**

White Papers…  $75 per page*

* 12-point, Palatino font (Times upon request), double-spaced pages.
** Includes 400-500 words, lightly optimized for search engines upon request.

Rates include pulling information that is readily available on the internet or supplied by client. Comprehensive research or concept-design is not included and will be billed at negotiated rate.

Fee schedule is subject to change without notice.


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